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Experience makes a difference

I am not just a writer but a public speaker and a consultant. My company Cybercreed Consulting helps company management and executives protect themselves from cyber-attack. I believe this management piece is the most critical part of cybersecurity. I have worked extensively in the IT industry working with Fortune 500 companies nationwide.
I have been building relationships and helping companies for almost 30 years. When not working on an exciting new project or article. I blog regularly at, and on Twitter at @jerry_hutcheson. I have  a book available on Amazon titled “One False Click: How to protect yourself in the coming cyberwar.”
So if you are a small business owner I have strategies for you here, or a corporate executive you can find strategies on my blog here, or just want to learn more about cybersecurity from a layperson’s point of view visit my blog here. Start today and get yourself prepared. There is no one coming to save you, the cavalry is not coming to your rescue.

Strategic Thinking

An image of someone working on security issues
I am a strategist, policy maker, implementer, public speaker, who knows how to put together a rock-solid security posture, plan, and policy with your interests in mind.
Nothing can be protected unless there is a strategy first. We ensure that these strategies and policies are clear clean and express the goals of your organization. See my blog for interesting discussions of the latest security issues.
Cybercreed is an independent cyber security consultancy built by Jerry Hutcheson. He has an extensive history of Security strategy, policy, and implementation. I am used to working with executives to help them protect their companies and their data. I recognize the need for understanding security at the policy level. This is where it can do the most good.

Experience That Matters

Cybercreed has over 30 years of experience protecting data and implementing security policies, evangelizing about security concerns from a holistic viewpoint. I have achieved literally dozens of the most important industry certifications, from CCIE to CSSP. I bring the value and experience that you are looking for.

Security Blog

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