You Have Been Hacked! Did You Know?

You have been hacked! No doubt about it. If you significantly communicate on the web you have been hacked, the question is not if but when, in today’s world, you would have to almost be a hermit not to sustain some type of attack. Simple fact is that there are continuous attacks going on from different parts of the world to other parts of the world and that is not going to stop.  To paraphrase the director of the FBI “there are two kinds of big companies in the US, those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they have been hacked.” We want you to know because that is the path to protection. He has talked about this issue extensively.

What do you do?

And we want to help you to prevent successful attacks from getting through to you. There are several ways to do this. But the area that is sorely neglected is at the higher levels. That is until after a successful attack; then the executive knows all about it. The headaches the costs, the wasted time. Thats just the beginning. Then comes the damage to relationships with trusted business partners, such as in your supply chain, embarrassment of negative media coverage, (will Target ever stop being used as an example?).  And finally the liability in legal problems and compliance with regulatory agencies. All of these can mean a significant impact to your business. And even impact to the principles or owners in the company personally, or in other executives careers.

Question is should you care?

But there are ways to protect you. The problem is most protection is directed ineffectively from the bottom up, and not where it needs to be from the top down. The top is from where policies are followed.  Few things are more important than your companies data. Let me ask you. Do you think that every bank is following the policy rules and procedures for their security, in order to maintain the safety of their money? A set of rules policies and procedures that are not to be questioned or deviated, by anyone at the ground level? You bet they are! And those policies come from the top. They are not formulated from someone in middle management. But how many fortune 2000 companies can say the same with their data? And amazingly the risk of loss is much higher than a simple bank robbery.

We are here to change that. We will discuss the policies and procedures tactics and strategy to get your company on track. Welcome to the way to safety, it’s not easy but its much better than the alternative.

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