The Maze Of Cybersecurity

Ever been in a real maze? I mean a maze where you are physically trying to find your way out? It is a difficult and confusing situation, and if your not careful you can get really nervous really quick. When my kids were small we went with some friends into a nearby rural area where the farmer had built a really large maze. We all thought this will be an interesting adventure for the kids. It would test their will and their ability to solve problems.

Well, it became a test for us adults. It was difficult and getting disoriented inside this maze did not take long. And if you ever tried to draw the line through one of those maze puzzles with a pencil, that is from looking above. And even it can be challenging, now add in the physical presence of being lost. This type of real maze brought on a whole new feeling of confusion and a slight tinge of desperation.

How To Navigate

Eventually someone comes along that works there and they give you hints or if you like they tell you exactly how to get through it. It’s a little like an executive and cybersecurity. I was talking with a high-level executive the other day and he pulled me aside and said: “Jerry I am not a computer engineer, I don’t know what to do with this cybersecurity stuff!” I said you don’t have to be a computer engineer you just have to lead from the front. And with a little help from your trusted advisors, you can figure this out and get from point A to Z.

This is the type of work I do all of the time. I mentor and coach and organize and teach, at whatever level an executive needs. We work together to build a security posture, then a security plan, with a process, and procedures, and even policies to show the way through this confusing maze.

All The Answers

Because if you think you or anyone else you hire is going to have all of the answers. You still do not understand the challenges of cybersecurity. A good cybersecurity posture is about being deliberate about what you want. Then putting in place a plan to make it work. And then having the leadership and persistence to see it through consistently over time. If you do these simple but hard things you will become infinitely more cyber secure.

But if you are frozen by fear and confusion and in turn take no action. You will be caught in the maze for a long time. So get the help. Plan what you need next, and take the action.

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