How Do We Save Time

Time is truly the most valuable asset we have. It is more important than money, money can be replaced or earned again. Time is gone and never comes back. The other part of time is the time that we have to do the things we want to do. That is the time where we decide what is going to happen as opposed to being controlled by events that “we have to take care of now.” It has been said that time is discretionary wealth. I agree with that. You can have all the money you ever wanted but cannot buy another minute of time.

We live in a business environment that consumes a massive amount of our time. From commuting or traveling to work or business appointments, to endless meetings where nothing gets done. Stuck sitting in some conference room listenting to someone who just wants to express themselves but really has nothing of value to say. To endless regulatory and compliance issues that must be adhered to. A truly costly endeavor.

Saving Time

So we should always be looking for ways to save time. Because no matter what happens there are going to be events and issues that are going to jump in front of the line and need our time right away. Such as a crisis with a shipment at work, or an employee issue that must be handled. But there is one thing that will really get your attention and with it all of your time right now and that is a major cybersecurity event.

When your company gets hit by a cybersecurity breach not only your time but potentially the time of all of your employees and many clients is instantly impacted. You are not getting around it. When your systems fail and your company cannot function you will be spending all of your time effort and resources to alleviate this massive burden. So if you want to invest in some time in your future, a way to get back the most valuable asset you have now, then invest in a safe and cyber-secure environment.

How Much?

The question comes up many times how much can you save. This is hard to quantify. But many breaches can reach into the thousands of hours lost to a company from both lost productivity as well as the time lost to contain the breach. How much is enough for you? If your company has 1000 employees and they each lose 30 hours (a conservative estimate), you are looking at 30,000 man hours how much does that cost you?

How much are you willing to gamble on the next major cybersecurity breach? Would it not be better to address these issues now when the price is much cheaper in man hours and your own personal loss of your own discretionary time?

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