Taking Responsibility for Your Cybersecurity.

Years ago, when the tech boom was going strong there was an air of invincibility about people in the industry. Including the people investing in tech companies. There was this feeling that you could do no wrong. That this was the new normal of euphoria and rising wages, rising economy, and rising stock prices. People would even say. Stocks don’t need to perform like they did before, its ok to have a PE of 250, its ok to have a company with massive stock gains and not actual product.

It happened all of the time. Until it didn’t then we all had to deal with the consequences. There was this feeling of it’s the way it is we don’t need to scrutinize, and we don’t need to research. Just get a tip from a friend or from the latest talking head and off you go. No responsibility for our actions.

Taking Charge

Taking charge means getting informed. It means knowing what lies before you to best of your ability. Taking charge means taking responsibility. And taking responsibility with investing would have meant doing the hard work of researching companies, and markets and even advisors to make sure they were deserving of our investments.

But a rising tide lifts all boats. Until the tide has to go out again and it did big time. But our lack of responsibility caused us to lose and lose big. Whether it was well-paid employment at the company, or stock options going to nothing, or our investments evaporation. Many people suffered. And this is not a new phenomenon. It will happen again.

Your Responsibility

Your responsibility to your company, your employees, and your clients is simple. Protect what you have been given charge of. This means knowing what is going on with your cybersecurity posture and policy. Leading the effort to make sure cybersecurity is a top priority for your company. Giving your cybersecurity professionals be they inside the company or outside the resources they need to do their job.

This responsibility never ends. It is part of the territory. Keep on it and push for excellence all of the time. But do what is necessary now before the next cyber-attack. And remember it will happen again.


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