This is What Gives Technology Power

Many times, we look at a project or a technology and we think there is something significant about this technology. But this is not necessarily so. Technology is important because of what it means to us. We need to give the technology the power it represents.

A technology is developed sometimes in a vacuum. Take for instance Palo Alto labs started by Zerox. This was a collection of the finest engineers in technology from the Silicon Valley area. And they truly came up with revolutionary discoveries. Such as the LAN, or local area network which all networks are based on today, they came up with the mouse, and the GUI Graphical User Interface. But where did it go and how did it gain power?


But let me ask you. Have you ever heard of a Xerox computer mouse, or a Xerox GUI or operating system? No because Xerox decided not to exploit these technologies effectively. They left it to someone else. And these others gave it power. Bob Metcalf started 3Com which brought the LAN Ethernet into the market. Steve Jobs took the GUI and the Mouse and developed them on the Apple platform and the rest is history.

So, in order to truly give technology power there needs to be leadership behind it. And that leadership does not happen in a vacuum. There has to be more behind the technology than just a cool idea. Something or someone needs to be there to give it that spark.

Giving Power

So you as the executive need to give power to the technology of your cybersecurity defenses. You do this by leadership and direction and example. Make sure your philosophy of how your cybesecuity posture is well thought out and communicated to everyone in your company. Ensure that your technical leadership knows what your vision is. Technology is not just a tool it is and integral part of your business. Show your management that you see this with your own thoughts on the matter. And if you need help and direction get it. Either inside via your CISO or CIO, or outside via consultants or other security companies. But give the technology power.

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