Without Preparation You Cannot Win

There is no more critical area of business where preparation holds such importance than in the area of cybersecurity. If you have heard the term “horse is already out of the barn,” then you are starting to understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

There is the great Confucius quote that applies here “success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure.” These are very serious words, he is not saying preparation will help you, or that preparation will even make you succeed. He is saying without previous preparation you will surely fail. That is what cybersecurity is in a nutshell. That is what I have dedicated my life and my business to.

How To not Win

I have a common scenario that occurs from time to time. It is a situation where a person calls me. Potentially a client, that had not decided what he wants to do, or a friend of a friend. Or maybe someone who wants to take the correct steps with his cybersecurity but has not quite got around to it yet.

I get the call sometimes late at night and they are panicked, they are desperate to correct their cybersecurity. What has changed? They are in the middle of a cybersecurity breach. And they have not done the preparation. Of course, I help them as much as I can. But this is the same as calling the fire inspector while your companies factory is burning down. The time for preparation has passed.

How to Prepare

A much more constructive way. And also much cheaper. Is to do the preparation now before the breach. I did a study in my book “One False Click: How to protect your company from the coming cyberwar.” And it showed there was a 10 to 30 times ROI on doing your cybersecurity preparation before there is a breach.

Start working on your cybersecurity posture today. What is your vision for what it should be? Get it down on paper. Then build your cybersecurity policies. Get every department head involved. Get every employee trained to detect and help look for potential problems. You don’t know where to start?

Get some help. Contact your local cybersecurity provider. Or you can contact me. I will guide you through this critical process.

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