Don’t Fight the Trend

There are many ways to build a strong cybersecurity infrastructure. You can start from scratch and build a team and then implement your cybersecurity plan. You can give yourself some help by hiring people and doing some of it using outside help. You can completely outsource your cybersecurity strategy and policy and implementation, and this can work well.

Then there is the CISO. You can choose to do it with a CISO or without. You can go on a search for the best CISO you can find, or you can promote someone from within (very common).  Sometimes you just promote the security expert to be your CISO. And this even works sometimes.

What Is the Trend

But whatever you do when making these decisions there is a very important ingredient that you need to follow. And that is the trend of what is happening in the real world. As opposed to how we would all like it to be. This ability to recognize the trend you are in and proceed within these parameters or at least not go against it is critical.

When IBM fought the trend towards distributed computing and stuck with mainframes, it was devastating to the company. But today they are within the prevailing trends in the industry and do fantastic. When Xerox discarded all of the amazing technical gains at their Palo Alto Labs, in favor of better copy machines. They missed the advent of the internet and they were partially responsible for starting it. Don’t fight the trend.

What Are Your Trends?

So, what are the trends you need to be looking for within cybersecurity framework? Some that come to mind is the need for a more active cybersecurity defense as opposed to simply waiting to react to the latest threat. Attacks come in too fast and sophisticated to just wait, you need to be looking for them.

Another area is Office 365, the whole world looks like they are moving to Office 365, so you need to make sure your people are well versed in these potential vulnerabilities as they come out. Do not wait until your entire Office 365 infrastructure is breached.

How about moving towards a more professional cybersecurity defense team. This should be a big part of your plan. In order to deal with the evolving threats and necessary remediations. Keep within the trends or get swallowed up by them.

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