Disasters Are A Matter of Bad Timing

Many times, the disasters we have to deal with be they physical or weather, or cybersecurity are just a matter of timing. Let me explain. At some time or another cybersecurity events are going to happen to us all. It is a matter of our leadership to be prepared for these events.

A cybersecurity disaster can, however, happen to any company regardless of size or protective measures you have taken. Like the folks in the path of Hurricane Florence. They were just unlucky to be in the way. It could have hit South Florida or the Gulf Coast. But instead this time it hit the Carolinas. Not much we can do about it but be prepared. There will be some damage and even loss of life. But it is up to us to minimize it.

Third World

I like natural disasters and the third world to cybersecurity events and companies that do not prepare. It is a very similar result. If the same hurricane struck Haiti, or Cuba the results would have been much different. There would be lots of damage, but more importantly, it would now be a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. The same is true of earthquakes. A large earthquake strikes California is totally different from same size quake hitting North Korea. The damage and the resulting humanitarian suffering are in a different league.

Same is true with cybersecurity. If a company like Equifax is struck by a simple event and they are not prepared the damage is massive. If the same event hits a company that is prepared the damage will be much less and potentially no damage at all. This is the difference. The timing we cannot control. The preparation we can.

Be Prepared Today

Start today to prepare your company for a major cybersecurity disaster by stopping the minor cybersecurity events in their tracks. Start a program of education of your employees and your IT professionals. Test your cybersecurity readiness. Make your cybersecurity as important as your preparedness in the event of a fire or flood. Be ready starting today. The timing is out of your hands. The preparation is within your control.

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