A New Way to Protect Your Company

I have been working in the cybersecurity industry for many years. I have seen massive mistakes and I have seen successes also. And even more important I have seen heroic efforts by information technology and cybersecurity professionals to protect their employers.

Many times, throughout the course of this industry it has been a few low-level people holding many of these companies together with bailing wire and duct tape figuratively. The point is they many times do not have the support needed to bring about the safety and security their company its employees and customers need and deserve.

It’s Not Anyone’s Fault

But it is not their fault it is not even the management’s fault. It is just how things developed in this incredibly fast paced and fluid environment we are living through. But it has to change. We must adapt to the new world of cyber crime that we live in. My goal is to help with this effort.

This blog is dedicated to helping business professionals do just that. We need to come together as a community and fight these pernicious threats that are affecting every law-abiding honest employee out there. We will do it together. Step by step, day by day. And it will get better.

This is the Imperative

We will get through this, and I am going to help you. We are going to visit and revisit the basic processes and practices that all of us in the business world can do to protect ourselves. Large companies and small companies alike. We will work on current issues and ideas. I will help everyone that comes into this community if they are just willing to stick with it and learn a little.

It will not be complicated, but it will take effort and action. This is not a time to stick our heads into the sand. There is nothing a hacker likes more than to find a company that does nothing. It is their bread and butter. It is their invitation to come in and attack that company. Don’t be that company waiting open ready to be exploited. Come join me and my community and I assure you one thing. You implement the ideas we will discuss you will be safer, and you will be able to focus more time on doing what you want to do which is running your business.

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