My service is customized to your organization. It is delivered with you the principals of the company in mind. I get you results from the beginning. I am here to satisfy your security requirements, be it lower cost of security overall, fewer security breaches and attacks, greater prestige within your industry. And most important trust from your customer suppliers management and employees.


I start with an evaluation of your current security posture. Then I review your executive strategies and goals. Then I move into your security policy itself and take stock of your current security initiatives. Then we move to discover who in the organization can provide policy input. These evaluations alone can move you into a more secure posture.


Cybercreed then moves to working directly with you and your executive team to develop the correct security posture, and then translate this into policies to meet your company’s objectives and keep your data safe. This is not a technical process. This is a policy making process with a deep understanding of security technology.

Follow Up

Cybercreed does not stop there. Once policy has been written and reviewed for rewrites. We then submit it to you and your staff for discussions and explanations to ensure we have what you want. I can also work with your team on implementation and communication of the new security posture. At this point I can then be available for retainer agreements for 90 days or more to answer questions or advise. We also offer extended retainers of and annual fee based service.

What Are The Results You Can Expect?

  • Peace of mind knowing your company is secure.
  • Fewer attacks meaning less loss to your company.
  • Quick results.
  • A valued adviser you can trust.
  • Current security issues eliminated.
  • Preparation for future security challenges.
  • Quality of service.
  • Improved image to media, customers and peers.
  • Fewer headaches concerning the next attack.
  • Better performance.
  • More growth.
  • Trust in your supply chain.
  • Relief from regulatory burdens.
  • More innovation possible once security obstacle has been removed.

Risk Mitigation


The rate of increase in Cybercrime is rapidly rising. Lloyds of London estimated Cybercrime costs at over $400 billion for 2015, and still growing. Cybercrime pays so we need to be vigilant.


The risks to a company are high. The average security breach costs $3.5 million, and that includes small and large businesses. And they take an average of 4.5 months for a victim to discover it.  It is only a matter of time when a company will be breached.


 The liability from a breach can be steep. From the legal community to the company as well as the personal liability to executives within the organizations. There needs to be definable policies to show everything was done to prevent a breach. It is better to know now, than to be asked after the breach.