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Jerry Hutcheson

Are you looking for a dynamic and interesting speaker for your event? Are you ready to have your audience excited and challenged, as well as learn something new? Then take a look at Jerry Hutcheson for your next speaking engagement. Jerry has spoken to audiences all over the US, from just a few in an intimate setting to up to 1,000 in a large ballroom.

He has a variety of topics centered around cybersecurity, and the speeches can be tailored to fit your timeframe and they type of audience. These are informative none technical talks that build on Jerry’s latest book “One False Click: How to Protect Your Company in the ComingĀ  Cyber War.”

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Speaking Topics Include

  • “How to Protect Your Company In The Coming Cyber War” Specific strategiesĀ on how to prepare for whats next.
  • “Keeping the Bear Out of Your Camp” What you need to know about your competition and cybersecurity.
  • “Your Supply Chain is Not Your’s Anymore” How to secure your organization’s supply chain.
  • “Why Your IT Department is Not Going To Protect You” Specific strategies that propel you beyond the simple IT cybersecurity model.

Here is a short clip from an event recently at Rollins College in Winter Park Florida. It was a lively discussion about Equifax, and how to deal with these types of cyber attacks. Many in the audience were interested in knowing more.